Rocky Mountain Flying Machine Photo Missing
Next Club Meeting:  January 28, 2021
2014 started out GREAT! We had informative, fun club meetings, lots of flying (see other gallery), a picnic, a Media Day (!), and a Christmas Party. The only glitch was moving our meetings to the NDBMGF!
We started the year with a large project - resurfacing the N-S runway! Then we had a few work parties to clean up various odds and ends. But Mother Nature was not through with us - we suffered major flooding and road washouts in July and August.
We had many more opportunities to fly this year. There are shots of sport and fun-fly airplanes (and pilots), BMB attendees and subsequent fun-flys, pattern contests, scale fly-in shots, an aerobatic full-scale, and (RIP) COMBAT!
The RMFM picnic was held at Richard's home. The Christmas Party was hosted by Kent and Linda Paul. Everyone had a great time. And as always, lots of good food, libations and camaraderie!
The RMFM Scale Fly In was held August 24th & 25th 2013. The event was held at the George Maloof Airpark in Albuquerque due to the RMFM field being unusable because of flooding.
We did a lot of work in 2013 - shade structures, starting benches, pilot's boxes, runway markers, etc. But a lot of the work was due to the weather - RAIN! Check it out!
In spite of the weather, we did manage to have a lot of fun! The following pictures will give you a good idea of the breadth of activities we were involved with in 2013.
Bob was our friend for many years. He was President and long-time Secretary of RMFM, and he tried most everything. He usually had a big smile on his face, and always a kind word or two for you.